New Site, New Look!

Hello, All!

Welcome to the new Delaware Valley Pink Pistols website.  This is also our new blog, which may get a facelift in the near future, but this is what we have for the moment. I wanted to get something created and up and running, because I got woefully tired of the National site not having anything for anyone to look at regarding the local chapters anymore.

Some of that is my own fault, and I have to ask people to forgive me for it.  I used to be the one doing the website, but since my injury in 2006, I've gotten constantly less and less able to do these sorts of things on a timely basis. I simply don't know when I will be physically well enough to work on a webpage, crank out a press release, or go to a shoot. I might be feeling great and chipper one day, but later that day, or the next morning, I might be lying flat on my back, body wracked with pain. So I have divested myself of responsibilities I cannot in good conscience always fulfill.

One of those was the national website. I looked for a long time for someone who would take the responsibility, who claimed they could handle it.  The task required that the site be removed from John Brayton's web host, and put it someplace else. John had been wonderful in supporting us for years, but it was past due to move on and let him have his server space back.  The person who took on the task was supposed to keep it maintained, updated, and keep after the job of getting new chapters up and running.

This has not been done. The new PP national website is a joke. The links are all broken. There is no provision for chapter-level support whatsoever, even so much as an up to date list of the active chapters. I am dreadfully disappointed in the people I handed these tasks over to, they have let me, and the rest of the organization, down.

That does not mean that the Pink Pistols is without resources.  There is a Facebook page with hundreds of people on it.  I'm an admin, as is my partner Maggie. There is a Google+ page that Maggie owns and I help maintain.  And now, I've created this site, to replace the DelVal website we used to have on the main PP webhost. I will be adding back a central email address eventually, so people can send email to the DelVal chapter.  It won't be at, but it will be at, the best I could do under the circumstances.

There have been other changes on the local level.  Calloways, the restaurant we've been going to for the past decade, is no more. Please take note that, at least for the time being, we are going to Ben & Irv's Deli, located in the SAME mall complex that Calloways was in, the Justa Farm Plaza in Huntingdon Valley.  If it proves to be inadequate to our needs, we've got some other options we can try, or anyone can suggest a place we can look into.

Tom Nelson has been pretty much the leader of the chapter when I can't be there.  I strongly suggest that everyone look to him for guidance.  He has been there since the very beginning, and is very much deserving of loyalty and support.  When I can be there, I will be, but Tom is also a rock of strength everyone can rely on.

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