Welcome to the Delaware Valley chapter of the Pink Pistols!

This chapter serves the greater Philadelphia area, including Philadelphia, its suburbs, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware.  We welcome anyone to join us at our monthly Lunch 'n Shoots, or to join in discussions on our Yahoogroup mailing list. In the future, we may also be adding a Google+ community, and other social media connections.

The Pink Pistols is the largest worldwide organization dedicated to advocacy of the self-defense of the sexual minority community with lawfully owned and carried firearms.  We welcome anyone who supports this idea, regardless of gender or sexual preference.  While the Pink Pistols was created to serve the sexual minority community, it is not exclusively composed of it.

To join the Pink Pistols, simply decide that you are one.  To be a Pink Pistol is to embrace a personal code of ethics, not to join a club.  The Pink Pistols believes that it is wrong to single out someone for their sexual identity and perform harmful or deadly actions upon them because of those differences.  By the same token, we believe it is right to protect our lives, our health, and that of our loved ones, with lawful and reasonable force. That force is limited in scope by law, by custom, and by the boundaries of good discipline.  Deadly force is only acceptable as a last resort, and only when deadly force has been offered us first. 

Firearms are a lawful and acceptable method of self-defense in most states, and concealed carry of firearms is available in some fashion in most.  Many have laws that make it difficult to do, but others make it much easier. We help our members in acquiring up-to-date information on how to receive proper training, safe equipment, and where required, lawful permits.  We do not require affiliation with any other organization, and are not an affiliate of any other organization.  The Pink Pistols in general, and the Delaware Valley chapter in particular, are not affiliates of the NRA.

For more information on how you can join us for a monthly Lunch 'n Shoot, or join the mailing list, select "About" from the menu above.